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FastTRAC Libraries

Grand View University Library
Grinnell College - Burling Library
Hawkeye Community College Library
Iowa State University - Parks Library
St. Ambrose University Library
University of Iowa - Main Library
University of Northern Iowa - Rod Library


What is FastTRAC?


Searching FastTRAC Libraries

You can search the print collections of FastTRAC Libraries in SuperSearch by typing your search terms and selecting the FastTRAC Libraries option from the expanded search field:


Alternatively, you can change the scope of your search results from Drake to FastTRAC at any time by selecting FastTRAC Libraries from the dropdown next to the search box:


The default scope searches all FastTRAC libraries (including Drake's print collections), but you can select an individual library from the dropdown menu if you prefer:

Search Results

If you search for a book that multiple libraries own, you might see a "X versions of this record exist" link, where X is a number. This means that multiple versions of the same title were found in FastTRAC libraries, and one of those libraries could be Cowles. Click the "See all versions" link to get more information.

You will see multiple results with the note "Check Availability." If the book is owned by Cowles Library, a note will indicate either "Available at Cowles Library" (can be checked out) or "Not Available" (currently checked out but can be requested). If the book is owned by a FastTRAC library, click "Check Availability" for availability and request options.

Requesting Items from a FastTRAC Library

1. First, sign in with your Drake ID and Password. Only current Drake students, faculty, and staff may request from FastTRAC Libraries.

2. When you find a book you'd like to request, click "Check Availability" to open the record. In the Get It section, you'll see the name of the FastTRAC institution and the availability of the item. Click the institution name to begin the request.

3. The item's location and status at the FastTRAC institution will appear, along with a "Request" link (please be patient, it may take several seconds for this information to load). Click the Request link.

4. Fill in the required (starred) fields, then click "Request". If you want the item delivered to Drake, select "Drake" from the Pickup Institution dropdown, and the Pickup Library will automatically change to Cowles Library.

5. When the item is ready for you to pick up, you will receive an email with instructions. We will hold the item for 7 days; if it has not been picked up by then, we will return it to the lending institution.

Walk-In Borrowing

If you happen to live near a FastTRAC Library, you also have the option of walk-in borrowing at that library. You don't need special authorization or registration; simply present your Drake ID to check out books.

The materials you are able to check out are subject to the FastTRAC Library's restrictions (see below), so it's a good idea to ask at the library before you look for material on the shelf.

FastTRAC Library Material Restrictions

This service is limited to current Drake faculty, staff, and students, and the focus is on print materials only (primarily books). Online articles and eBooks are not part of this service.

Which materials are not allowed for checkout depends upon the FastTRAC library, but typically special collections, media (videos and music), items on reserve, and print journals are excluded from this service.