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Drake in China

This page contains sources and topics relating to connections between Drake University and China

Meet the Missionaries

  • Frank Garrett
    • Mr. Garrett graduated from the Drake University Bible College in 1896 and was a very active member in the religious community during his time 
    • Frank Garrett and his wifed sailed to Chine in the fall of 1896 making him the first missionary from Drake to begin working in China 
  • Edna Dale 
    • Ms. Dale graduated from the Drake University Bible College in 1899 
    • Two years after her graduation in 1901, Ms. Dale sailed to China where she became the first female Drake graduate to independently travel to China 
  • Charles S. Settlemeyer 
    • Mr. Settlemeyer graduated from the Drake University Bible College in 1902 and briefly worked in the Philosophy Department 
    • In 1904, Mr. Settlemeyer became the first person sent by the Drake Foreign Missionary Society aboard 

Missionary Photos

Frank Garrett in the Quax from 1916. 

Edna Dale in the Drake Delphic from 1900.

Charles S. Settlemeyer in the Drake Delphic from 1904. 

The Disciples of Christ

  • Drake University was originally founded as a religious institution in association with the Disciples of Christ 
  • All early Drake graduates who engaged in missionary work were registered with the Disciples of Christ 


Drake University Sources 

  • The Drake Delphic 
    • The precursor of the modern Times Delphic 
    • Contains a significant amount of information regarding the whereabouts and activities of Drake students and graduates 
  • The Quax 
    • The Drake Yearbook 
    • Contains information regarding the locations of Drake graduates 

Outside Sources