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Drake in China

This page contains sources and topics relating to connections between Drake University and China

What is a Returned Student?

A returned student, in this context of the Drake in China Documentation Project, is a student originally from China who attended Drake and then returned to China later in life. 

Meet the Students

Jeu Hawk 

  • The first Chinese and first international student to attend Drake University 
  • Born in Xinhui in Guangdong province in 1866 and left for the United States at age 15
  • Ended up in St. Louis, MOS where he learned English by attending Sunday school 
  • Enrolled in the Drake University Bible College in 1885 where he attend sporadically until 1893

Bang Lee

  • The second-known Chinese student to attend Drake University 
  • Enrolled at the Bible College form 1892-1893

Louie Hugh 

  • The third Chinese student to have attended Drake University and the second to have graduated 
  • Came to Iowa in 1896 where he began learning English 
  • Enrolled in the Bible College in 1896 and graduated in 1899

Returned Student Photos

Students at the Drake University Bible College in 1893 from Drake University. Jeu Hawk (front row, second from the right) and Bang Lee (front row, third from the right). 

Louie Hugh (front row, fourth from the left) at the ground breaking of the Kung Yee Hospital, 1910 from Oregon Health and Science University. 

Drake University's first Chinese student Jeu Hawk, from Drake University Special Collections. 

Louie Hugh graduated from University of Oregon Medical School in 1980, from Oregon Health and Science University 

Connections Between the Students

The Portland Chinese Mission 

  • Both Jeu Hawk and Louie Hugh were associated with the Chinese Christian Mission in Portland, Oregon


  • Both Jeu Hawk and Louie Hugh continued on after graduating form the Bible College to attend Medical Colleges 
  • After Jeu Hawk and Louie Hugh returned to China, both men worked in the medical field while continuing to practice Christianity 


Drake University Sources 

  • The Drake Delphic 
    • The precursor to the modern Times Delphic 
    • Contains a significant amount fo information regarding the whereabouts and activities of Drake students and graduates 
  • The Quax
    • The Drake Yearbook 
    • Contains information regrading the locations of Drake graduates 

Outside Sources