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Community Engaged Learning Tool Kit: Equity & Inclusion

This research guide highlights resources for those interested in the pedagogy of community engaged learning. Included are sample syllabi, reflection resources, possible outlets for publishing on the topic and more!


The Equity Based Service-Learning Toolkit is designed to provide you with guidance and resources on diversity, inclusion, and access around equitable service experiences. This toolkit acknowledges that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to incorporating an equitable perspective into service, however, we believe that these six strategies can help you better identify where inequities exist within your organization and/or service experiences, the consequences of those inequities on the organization and the community, and the factors within your organization and/or service experiences that perpetuate those inequities.

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Equity Based Service - Learning General Information

Collaboration Opportunity: List of Culturally Ethnic Based Organizations

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Whether you volunteer formally with an organization or informally with members of your community, always prioritize your safety and well-being

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Strategy 1: Shifting The Language



Strategy 2: Building Connections


Strategy 3: Breaking Down Barriers


Strategy 4: Organizing an Inclusive Environment


Strategy 5: Supporting an Inclusive Organization


Strategy 6: Cultivating Diverse Experiences