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Community Engaged Learning Tool Kit: Civic Development

This research guide highlights resources for those interested in the pedagogy of community engaged learning. Included are sample syllabi, reflection resources, possible outlets for publishing on the topic and more!

Civic Agency, Cultural Competence & Leadership Development

Minnesota Campus Compact has curated a series of experiential workshops aimed at helping students develop intercultural competency and civic agency through strategies and skills related to "Self", "Us" and "Now". The resources are available on the MN Campus Compact website for free See Terms of Use below.

Theme: Self
Starting with Values: Knowing who you are and what you’re about
What’s in Your Fish Bowl? 
Discussing the cultural factors and experiences that shape who we are

Public Narrative: Story of Self
Harnessing the power of your Story of Self to advance change

Circles of My Multicultural Selves:
 Intersecting social and cultural identities in different aspects of our lives

The Self in Conflict
Developing self-awareness in conflict

Theme: Us
Assets & Deficits: Using a deliberately asset-based approach to change
The Danger of a Single Story: 
Reflecting and developing strategies for inclusive leadership
Reflective Listening:
 Deepening your communication through listening strategies
One to Ones: 
Expanding our collective capacity to get things done through relationships
Where Do You Stand?
Fostering communities with room for difference and dissent
Deciding Together:
Exploring models for group decision making
Constructive, Intentional Feedback
 Practicing effective feedback in collaborative work
Bridging Divides:
 Developing the capacity to examine our own beliefs and listen across differences
Too Many Balls in the Air: Leadership in Systems
: Reflecting on change and shared leadership in complex systems
Dialogue and Deliberation: 
Selecting and planning a dialogue approach to suit your goals. 

Theme: Now
What’s Happening Here?
Preventing judgment and assumptions from distorting your understanding of social issues
Introduction to Research Justice:
Recognizing and utilizing sources of knowledge from the people most impacted by the issues.
Participatory Data Collection:
 Gathering input and information in ways that position participants as the experts of their own experience
Action Star Framework:
 Understanding the role of power, history, message, relationships, and resources in addressing social issues
Social Change Wheel:
Exploring the many strategies for social change — download the social change wheel here
Spectrum of
Allies: Developing allies for social change, one step at a time
Building Allies & Support: The Elevator Speech 
Communicating your issue clearly and succinctly to meet allies and build support
Power Mapping
Understanding power dynamics and the importance of networks to motivate change

• You may reproduce and distribute the work to others for free, but you may not sell the work to others.
• You may not remove the legends from the work that provide attribution as to source.
• You may modify the work, provided that the attribution legends remain on the work.
• Include a copy of these restrictions with copies of the work that you distribute. If you have any questions about these terms, please contact or Minnesota Campus Compact, 2211 Riverside Ave S. #48, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

Additional Civic Leadership Development, list provided by Minnesota Campus Compact

The following sites provide frameworks, training materials, and/or assessment tools related to civic leadership development. 

+Acumen: Online, often free, courses in social change strategies

Asset-Based Community Development Institute, DePaul University: training resources, podcasts, and toolkit

Bonner Program Resources: An array of resources including an extensive training and enrichment curriculum

Building Regular Interfaith Dialogue through Generous Engagement (BRIDGE): Free downloadable modules that equip campus professionals to train their peers and student paraprofessionals on interfaith cooperation.

Community Commons: Data sets and mapping tools for supporting community change

Community Tool Box: Free toolkits on 16 distinct stages of enacting a community-based initiative

Imagining America: Civic Professionalism white paper and draft rubric

Institute for Democracy & Higher Education, Tufts University: Facilitating Political Discussions guide

Institute of Applied Human Excellence: 60 free “Finding Your Flow” tools

IUPUI’s Civic-Minded Graduate Scale

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota: “And Who Is My Neighbor?” Curriculum and Leader Guide

The Merrimack College Center for Engaged Democracy: “Core Competencies in Civic Engagement” report

Public Achievement: program guides, lessons, and activities, plus the University of Denver Public Achievement Curriculum

Seeing Things Whole: Resources for organizational leadership

Sustained Dialogue Institute: campus dialogue training information and issue sheets

UCLA Higher Education Research Institute: “A Social Change Model of Leadership Development”