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E-Reserves for Faculty: Re-ordering Items and Folders

Step-by-step instructions for faculty who wish to add materials to their e-reserves course page(s).

Managing folders

While it is not necessary to use folders to organize your E-Reserve items, there are a number of ways to manage those folders should you choose to do so.

Follow these steps to get to the course page where you can manage folders:

  1. Log in to E-Reserves (
  2. Select your course from the E-Reserve Course dropdown. Your course's items will appear in the lower panel. (Notice that any folders you've created do not appear in this list.)
  3. Click on a course number link in the Course Number column. This will take you to a course page that displays items and folders (this is the same display students will see, but without all of the admin icons and options).

Creating New Folders

You can create a folder at the same time you add a new item. However, if you later want to add another folder, you can do so without having to create an item.

  1. Click the 'Add E-Reserve Folder' button.
  2. Provide a Folder Name.
  3. Folders inherit the Course visibility dates. If you want this folder to only be visible during a portion of the course dates, enter custom Start and End dates.
  4. Click Save.

Re-ordering Folders

  1. Click 'Re-Order E-Reserve Folders'
  2. You will be presented with a list of your folders in the order they currently appear. Simply drag and drop folders into the desired positions (a pale yellow box will appear as you drag to let you know where the folder will be placed).
  3. When the folders are in the desired order, click Save.

Note that items may be repositioned at any time by positioning the cursor over the gray arrows to the left of the item name, then clicking and dragging to a new position. However, items cannot be moved into folders or between folders using this method; instead, edit the item and use the Folder dropdown to select a Folder.

Editing Folder Names

  1. Click the icon next to the folder name you wish to change and select "edit."
  2. Type the new folder name.
  3. Click Save.