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E-Reserves for Faculty: Adding Items to E-Reserves

Step-by-step instructions for faculty who wish to add materials to their e-reserves course page(s).

Add a new item

If you want to have Cowles staff scan and upload book chapters or articles to your E-Reserves course(s), please follow the instructions in the E-Reserves section of our Reserves Information for Faculty page.

If you prefer to add items yourself, follow the instructions below:

  1. Sign in to E-Reserves. If you have never used E-Reserves through Cowles Library, contact Kris Mogle to request an account.
  2. Once you have signed in, click on the name of your course. If you do not see your course listed, please contact Kris Mogle.
  3. Once you are on your Course page, click the "Add E-Reserve Item" button. If you want to organize your items into folders, use the "Add E-Reserve Folder" button to first create the folders.
  4. Fill out the E-Reserve Info fields (*required):

    Basic Information

    This is what you wish to call the item. A convention we have used in the past is the primary author's last name followed by the first several words of the article title or book chapter, separated by a hyphen.
    This is optional. Could be used to provide a description of the item, additional information about the item, or other instructions.
    Description display
    Use the dropdown to indicate where the description should appear.
    This should be left blank, unless for some reason you want to password-protect only this item. Courses are already password-protected.
    If you wish to organize items in folders, add a folder using this dropdown (once a folder has been added, it will be available for subsequently added items in this course). If you do not wish to use folders, leave this at the default: "Do not assign..."
    Start Visibility and End Visibility
    Items inherit the Course's visibility dates; if for some reason you want an item to only appear during a portion of the Course dates, enter those custom dates here.


    If your item is a web page or other online document instead of a file, paste the URL into this field (i.e., you will not use both a URL and an attached file). If the URL is from an article database or e-book collection, please consult with Cowles librarians for the proper URL format to ensure that your students will be able to access the online material.
    Window target
    Choose whether the link should open in a new window or the current window.
    In most cases, this can be left Disabled. Consult with a Cowles librarian if you are unsure.
    Select the type of content you are linking to or uploading. Additional fields will appear based on your selection, but they are optional.

    Attached Files

    Attach New File
    Choose a file from your local computer to upload it. At this time, you can only upload one file at a time, and there is a 10MB per file limit. If you have a document that is larger than 10MB, contact Kris Mogle to have the document split into multiple files.

    Reuse Existing Item

    If you are adding an item that you are using or have used in another course, you should reuse it rather than adding a duplicate. Use the search box under this tab to find the item name and select it. Click Save.

  5. After completing the fields, click Save, and your item will appear in the E-Reserve Items list.