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FYS #48 - Daring to Dream - The Stories of Business: Resources (Part 1)

I. Suggested Research Steps

  1. International Directory of Company Histories:  Identify company and possible contextual factors influencing corporate evolution.
    • Mergent Web Reports:  Historical contextual factors from a financial perspective.
    • Mergent Online: Good source of information on company history, competitors, financials, etc.
  2. First Research Industry Reports: Excellent source of information on industry information .
  3. Standard & Poor's Industry Survey:  Identify industry and possible historical (1978 -- 2012) factors influencing corporate evolution.
    • ‚ÄčValue Line Investment Survey:  Corporate and Industry information from an investment perspective
    • Encyclopedia of American Industries:  Identify industry and possible current (2011) factors influence corporate evolution
  4. Historical Statistics of the United States:  Census data (1790 - 1990).  Data includes:
    • Population
    • Work & Welfare
    • Economic Structures & Performance
    • Industrial Sectors
    • Governance & International Relations
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Corporate History

Corporate Information

Industry Information


  • Standard & Poor's Industry Survey

REF HG 4921.S752  

2010 - 2012 (Main Floor Reference)

1978 -  2009 (Compact Shelving, East Corner)


Industry Information

A three-volume business reference that provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business. The work consists of more than 1,000 detailed profiles of the manufacturing and service industries.

Note:  You will need the SIC code for your company.  This can be found in Mergent Horizon

Primary Information (Census)

  • Historical Statistics of the United States
    • HA 202.H57 2006 Reference (Main Floor)

Demographic Information