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Teaching Online with Cowles Library: Home

Presents several ways to include readings, videos, recordings, photographs, etc from Cowles Library in the Blackboard page for your online class


This guide provides links and information for instructors and faculty who are using Cowles Library online resources in their classes.

While created with the Online Programs in mind, all Drake instructors may use it.

Journal Articles & More



A "permalink" is a link directly to an article in one of the library databases. You may create and place as many permalinks as suits your topic or class. 

  To create a permalink for a SuperSearch result, click on the title to display its summary. On the right is a link that reads "Actions". When you click on it, a list of actions will display. Select the "Permalink" option. A URL will display on the screen. Copy it and paste it into your class page or wherever it is needed.

 To create a permalink in a Gale database, click on the title of the article to display its summary. At the top of its box should be a tab that reads "Permalink". Click on it, copy the link, and paste where it is needed.

 To create a permalink in an EBSCO database, click on the title of the article to show its summary. On the right edge of the page are several tools, each with a symbol. Permalink is usually the next-to-bottom in this list.

 In JSTOR, look for a "Stable URL" in the description of the article.

Most databases that host articles (rather than providing indexing) will have an option to create a permanent link. Look for it. If you don't find it, contact Marcia at




Encyclopedias & Dictionaries


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Logging In to Library Resources

You will need your Drake ID (9 digits) and your Drake password to log in to library resources. There is no separate password or card required. 

If your login is not working, call the Drake ITS Help Desk at 515-271-3001.Phone support is available 24/7.

The ITS Service Portal can help you with Blackboard or other computer problems