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Trial Databases: ABC-CLIO Databases

ABC-CLIO Databases with perpetual purchase options

We have the option of purchasing ABC-CLIO databases as one-time purchases.  We used to have access to African-American Experience and Latino-American Experience, but these were cancelled at the beginning of COVID.  Their usage was up and down over the years, but we always saved it from being cancelled because they are diversity resources.  We would like to consider purchasing these and any others that look good with our endowed funds and perhaps any year-end money (if there is any).

Below are the databases available and their pricing.  Use the PA list price column, as we are not looking to add any subscriptions at this point.

Note that we get discounts off of list price for bundling.  Also note that we will pay an annual $200 hosting fee per purchased collection.

Drake University
Collection Sub List Price USD PA List Price USD
World at War $863 $5,175
American Government $1,050 $6,300
World Geography $863 $5,175
State Geography $863 $5,175
Issues $863 $5,175
American History $1,050 $6,300
World History $1,050 $6,300
Ancient World History $1,050 $6,300
Daily Life Through History $863 $5,175
Pop Culture Universe $863 $5,175
African American Experience $863 $5,175
Latino American Experience $863 $5,175
American Indian Experience $863 $5,175
Religion $863 $5,175
Genocide $863 $5,175
Health & Wellness $863 $5,175
*$200 Hosting Fee Charged Per Number of Owned Collections

1 - 4 collections 15% off
5 - 8 collections 20% off
9 - 14 collections 25% off
15+ collections 30% off

Access the trial at - if you are on campus, you should be authenticated.  If you are off campus, use these credentials:

Username: Student(50311)
Password: ABC-CLIO