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Ithaka Survey Results for Drake University

General information, summary, and detailed findings of the Ithaka survey undertaken by Cowles Library and Drake faculty in Fall 2018.

Ithaka Reports

Demographics and Response Rates

By the Numbers

726 Number of active faculty Cowles Library invited to participate in the Ithaka Faculty Survey (336 full-time, 390 adjunct).
237 Number of respondents who clicked the survey link (about 33% of those invited).
177 Number of completed responses (about 24% of those invited).
49% Percent of full-time faculty who completed the survey (163 of 336).

Responses by Faculty Status

Full Time 163
Adjunct 14


Title/Role Respondents %
Professor 49 29.3%
Associate Professor 70 41.9%
Assistant Professor 30 18%
Adjunct Professor 7 4.2%
Lecturer 0 0.0%
Instructor 7 4.2%
Professor Emeritus 0 0.0%
Other 4 2.4%

Responses by Department/Unit