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Unmet Learning Resource Needs: Wishlist: Political Science

Wishlist of unmet learning resource needs by discipline



Just recently, POLITICO launched POLITICO Pro, a premium policy news and information resource designed specifically to keep students, faculty and researchers on college campuses in lock-step with the unprecedented pace of developments in our current political climate.

With the largest and most expert policy newsroom in the country, our 114 reporters provide universities real-time, interdisciplinary policy news and the ability to interact/consult with students and faculty via email on critical political developments as they are happening. When it comes to pressing political conversations facing the public, Pro has all of a university’s bases covered. POLITICO’s resource offers broad and granular coverage along 16 unique industry areas: Healthcare, Education, Energy, Environment, Immigration, Tax, Technology, Financial Services, etc.

Pro is not a one size fits all approach – we know students and faculty each have their own preferred method of consuming information.

With that said, we designed the resource to offer universities a diverse array of content options that vary in length, format and time of day. This way, Pro users can digest news and information in a way that is most effective for them individually. Here is a run-down of a few of our content offerings:
· Industry specific Morning Briefs you can scan through on your smart phone to get ahead of the issues driving the day
· Ready-made infographics and power point presentations on the biggest conversations in politics: students and faculty can download in PDF, JPEG and PPT to edit, manipulate and incorporate into lectures, projects or presentations
· Twitter-style, policy specific newsfeeds that update in real-time with all original reporting
· A full digital library of archived primary source documents + CRS Reports
· Long form journalism that provides in-depth analysis on ongoing national conversations
· Legislative forecasting: content that helps you predict or anticipate the day, week, and/or month ahead

Over the last year, we’ve seen an influx of the top universities across the country join our services – largely due to the fact that academics are searching for resources that provide fast, mobile and reliable information solutions in the era of ‘alternative facts’ and media skepticism.

Cost: $9,270 (expires 4/18/21)

Impact on Students: Drake is focusing on leveraging our role in participating in the political dialog via the Iowa Caucuses, the Harkin Institute, and the Drake Archives. The ability to provide this "state-of-the-art" information to students studying in Politics & International Relations wlll be a bid advantage.

Potential Courses:Any courses that require up-to-the-minute information on politics, policy analysis, etc.