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Web of Science: Derwent Innovations Index

World's leading citation database covering the sciences, arts, humanities and social sciences.

Derwent Innovations Index (Web of Science)

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What is Derwent Innovations Index?

Drawn from 59 patent-issuing authorities worldwide

1963 - present

Patents are by nature very technical documents that can be difficult to read and are condensed into only the most important information. 

Clarivate Analytics enhances searchability and discoverability of patent data by adding valuable metadata to the patent record:

  • Descriptive title: concise titles that describe the invention and its novelty
  • Abstract: 250-500 word description in English about the claim and novelty of the invention
  • Patent family: applications for the same invention  in countries around the world are linked together in one record
  • Derwent Class Codes: allows user to quickly retrieve a category of inventions
  • Derwent Manual Codes: indicates the novel technical aspects of the invention

Why should patent data be a part of my literature search?

Along with journals and conference proceedings, patents are a major component of the world's published scientific literature. Particularly in technical fields--and most likely due to the commercial potential of new technologies--a significant portion of published information can only be found in patent publications. Patent data is not just for the inventor; it's for scientific awareness for anyone.

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