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E-Reserves for Faculty: Logging in / Changing Your Password

Step-by-step instructions for faculty who wish to add materials to their e-reserves course page(s).

Logging In or Changing Your Password

Logging In

At the bottom of the E-Reserves page, click the "Login to LibApps" link. Enter your Drake email address and e-reserves password (see the next section below if you forgot your password).

You'll see the LibApps dashboard. In the center of the screen, click on Research Guides:

You'll see an orange toolbar at the top of the screen. Click Content and select E-Reserves, and you'll be presented with a list of your E-Reserves courses.

Forgot your password? 

No problem. As of May 2017, you can use your Drake ID and Password to log in to your E-Reserves account. At the bottom of the E-Reserves page, click the "Login to LibApps" link. At the login screen, click the "Drake ID and Password" link and log in with the same credentials you use for email, blueView, and other Drake services.

Login with LibApps credentials or Drake ID and Password

(If for some reason you want to use your LibApps password instead, just click the "Reset Password?" link, and you'll be prompted to enter your Drake email address. Updated login information will be emailed to you.)

Need to change your password?

Once you log in, you can change your LibApps password by clicking your email address in the orange toolbar at the top of the screen (see screenshot). You'll be presented with a form for entering and confirming the new password, and the change will take effect immediately. Note: this password reset does not change your Drake password; the only place to manage your Drake password is through the Drake ITS Password Gateway. Also, although this form allows you to change your Login/Email, we strongly encourage you to leave it set to your Drake email address.