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Find and Browse Journals with BrowZine: Using Your Bookshelf

BrowZine is a platform that allows you to easily locate and track Cowles Library journal subscriptions in your discipline or areas of interest.

My Bookshelf

Using My Bookshelf, you can organize and track your favorite journals. You can even sync your Bookshelf with your mobile devices so you can keep up with the latest issues when it's convenient for you. Here's how:

  1. Click My Bookshelf at the top of the screen, then click sign up.
  2. Provide your email address and a password, and click the Sign Up button.

Your empty bookshelf contains 4 bookcases, each with 4 shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 4 titles, giving you the ability to have 64 titles on your bookshelf. By default, bookcases are named Bookcase 1, Bookcase 2, etc., and shelves are named Shelf 1, Shelf 2, etc. You can customize these names by clicking on the pencil icon next to the name:

Click the pencil to edit Bookcase and Shelf names

Journal Monitoring

Once you've added a journal to your bookshelf, BrowZine will automatically monitor the arrival of new issues and keep track of which articles you haven't read. When you view your bookshelf after new issues have been published, you will see numbers next to each bookcase and journal title representing unread articles:

The number of unread articles appears next to each bookcase and journal title

Click a title to view the latest issue's contents, and a blue dot appears next to each unread article. Click the dot to mark the article as Read, or click "Mark this issue read" at the top of the contents to mark all articles at once:

Click the blue dot to mark an article as Read