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Library Resource Evaluation: Home-Start Here!

This page is used to share information on library resources that are under current evaluation by the Database Evaluation Group.


Welcome to the Library Resource Evaluation research guide.  Every year, databases and journals will be posted that have received low usage over the past calendar year.  The goal is to make both librarians and faculty aware of journals and databases in their area(s) that are not being well used and thereby to hopefully see improved usage in the next calendar year for items that we need to retain. If, however, we do not see improved usage by this time next year, the item will be canceled and the money reallocated to item(s) that will be used. Those item(s) will then be subject to the same process.

Watchlisted Databases

The following databases have been watchlisted for 2018-19.  These will likely be canceled next year (2019) if they do not experience a significant increase in usage.  Please contact either your assigned Library Liaison or Teri Koch if you have any questions.

These databases were previously watchlisted during the Fall 2018 Semester but received enough increase in usage to no longer be considered for cancellation in the spring:

Watchlisted Journals

The journals on the 2018-19 Watchlisted Journals tab are considered low usage.  They are broken out by the fund to which they are assigned, then further by format (print or electronic). Although each journal is listed under the department that originally requested the subscription, some journals may be interdisciplinary, so we encourage you to review all titles in related disciplines.

Library Liaison Information

Department Library Contact Discipline-Based Contact
Art and Design Bart Schmidt Lenore Metrick-Chen
Biology Dan Chibnall Jerry Honts
Business and Public Administration Bruce Gilbert / Cameron Tuai Lori Solsma
Chemistry Dan Chibnall Colin Cairns
Drake Online Marcia Keyser N/A
Education Jill Gremmels DeDe Small
English Andrew Welch / Claudia Frazer Jeanette Tran
Environmental Science and Policy Dan Chibnall Peter Levi
Health Sciences Dan Chibnall Michael Andreski
History Rod Henshaw (U.S.) / Bart Schmidt En Li
Interdisciplinary Carrie Dunham-LaGree N/A
Journalism Carrie Dunham-LaGree Matthew Thornton
Mathematics & Computer Sciences Dan Chibnall Michael Rieck
Music Laura Krossner Bill Dougherty
Occupational Therapy Priya Shenoy Michael Andreski
Pharmacy Priya Shenoy Michael Andreski
Physics Dan Chibnall Athan Petridis
Politics and International Relations Hope Bibens Greg Wolf
Psychology Teri Koch Olga Lazareva
Philosophy and Religion Mark Stumme Martin Roth
Study of Culture and Society Jill Gremmels Joan McAlister
Study of Law, Politics and Society Hope Bibens Nate Holdren
Theatre Arts Claudia Frazer John Graham
World Languages and Cultures Carrie Dunham-Lagree Chinatsu Bachmann

Electronic Resources Manager

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Laura Krossner