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LMS (BlackBoard) Review Committee: Home

This page is a list of resources for, by, and about the LMS Review Committee, a recently-impaneled Faculty Senate ad hoc Committee.

What this page is:

This page is a list of resources for, by, and about the LMS Review Committee, a recently-impaneled Faculty Senate ad hoc Committee.

Committee Charge

The following was passed by the Drake University Faculty Senate at its regular meeting in September 2011:

RESOLVED:  That the "LMS (Learning Management System) Review Committee" shall be constituted as an "ad hoc" Faculty Senate Committee for the remainder of the 2011-12 AY.  The LMS Review Committee shall be charged with ongoing review of BlackBoard and alternative systems for the purpose of selection of a campus-supported platform.  The Committee's charge shall include conducting and coordinating a pilot of multiple potential platforms, coordinating campus discussion of the options and their ramifications, and writing a report that recommends a platform (including justification).  The Committee shall submit an initial report to the President of the Faculty Senate (and other appropriate parties) no later than 15 March 2012.  

The Committee's membership shall consist of the membership of the previously-formed LMS working group, plus any additional members that Senate Exec may appoint.  Participation in the pilot shall not be required of committee members, nor shall pilot participants be required to be on the committee.

OIT plans for BB upgrade

 OIT has developed a few websites to inform the Drake Campus of the LMS Migration plan.  We know everyone is very busy during this time, but we would welcome any feedback or suggestions that you have.  OIT wants to make sure the timeline, workshop dates and topics will be a good fit. 
Information on the websites to review are:  
The  BB 9.1 system will be available for classes in the Fall 2012 semester with both Blackboard 8 and blackboard 9.1 will run in parallel until May 31,2013.  By May 31, 2013 all Blackboard courses need to be migrated inside the Blackboard v9.1 system. 

Newest of News!

  • The Committee has completed its report; to see it, please see the "Review Committee-Full Report" tab above.
  • ALSO NOTE:  BlackBoard recently acquired MoodleRooms; it was announced on March 26.  See:

Why do we need to Review our LMS at Drake?

Q: Why do we need to Review our LMS at Drake?  Don't we already have BlackBoard?

A:  The version of Blackboard that Drake has installed is out-of-date, and support for it will cease in October 2012.  Already the version does not support many of the newer browsers; and after October 2012, security "patches" will no longer be forthcoming, meaning BlackBoard is not responsible for adressing any problems that arise with the current version after that date.

Q:  So, why don't we just go to the newest version of BlackBoard?

A:  While that is an option, there will have to be a "migration" either way; that is, even if Drake upgrades to Version 9 of BlackBoard, faculty will have to be trained, their content will have to be migrated, issues will have to be addressed, etc.  Given that, a number of Drake Faculty feel that it is a good time to explore alternatives (even if the Faculty decide to stay with BlackBoard, a review of other options will increase awareness of the role of the LMS in the academic enterprise)

Q: How is the LMS Review Committee going to garner input?

A:  The Committee is going to develop a comprehensive communications plan (which will be posted on this site once reviewed).  There will be open update sessions for anyone interested; in addition, the Committee will work with the Faculty Senate to give monthly updates.

More specifically, the Committee is committed to a broadly-based "pilot project" to compare and contrast BlackBoard 9 with MoodleRooms.  More info on this will be forthcoming this Fall.