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Getting Dissertations

Once you have identified a dissertation and would like a copy, I recommend the following five steps:

  1. Google the title, or part of the title, of the dissertation. Many writers of dissertations post theirs online, or post useful portions.
  2. Write to the author. Usually you can find their email address with a Google search. Many authors are happy to share their dissertations, or maybe just parts of them.
  3. Request it via Interlibrary Loan. Some schools do not lend these out, but many do.
  4. Check for it as a book. Many dissertations do get re-published as books. These can be successfully requested through ILL when the dissertation wasn't.
  5. Search ProQuest Dissertations. Find the dissertation you want. If the above steps fail, decide if you want to pay for the download.  If you do, it's a purchase, not a loan, so you do get to keep it forever.


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