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Biology Lab: Refworks Citation Manager

This research guide will provide you with resources and links to aid you during your biology lab work.

How to use RefWorks

Use RefWorks to keep track of the information you find, whether it is from the library, from the Internet, or from a friend.

Isn't there a free version?

More About RefWorks


Here's a link to get to RefWorks:

Creating Your RefWorks Account

First, visit

At the top of the screen, click on "For Researchers" and then "Create Account."

Enter your Drake email address. Refworks will then send you an email helping you complete the setup.

You're done! Start collecting citations and managing them.

Contact Dan if you have any problems. 

Tips on Using RefWorks

1. It takes time to learn to use RefWorks. Don't put it off until just before your assignment is due.

2. RefWorks takes longer to learn than some of the free tools because it's a fuller and more developed system.

3. "Garbage In - Garbage Out."  If the information in your RefWorks form is misspelled or incorrect, it will be misspelled or incorrect on the bibliography. Occasionally citations imported from databases are corrupted or incomplete. Occasionally, even serious scholars make mistakes when inputting information. Check your outputs before submitting them for a grade.

4. FILES. Organize your citations into files according to whatever grouping works for you and your topic.