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Presents several ways to include readings, videos, recordings, photographs, etc from Cowles Library in the Blackboard page for your online class



A "permalink" is a link directly to an article in one of the library databases. You may create and place as many permalinks as suits your topic or class. 

 To create a permalink in a Gale database, click on the title of the article to display its summary. At the top of its box should be a tab that reads "Permalink". Click on it, copy the link, and paste where it is needed.

 To create a permalink in an EBSCO database, click on the title of the article to show its summary. On the right edge of the page are several tools, each with a symbol. Permalink is usually the next-to-bottom in this list.

 In JSTOR, look for a "Stable URL" in the description of the article.

Most databases that host articles (rather than providing indexing) will have an option to create a permanent link. Look for it. If you don't find it, contact Marcia at




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