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University Records Management - University Archives and Special Collections,Cowles Library: FAQs

Resources and important information regarding non-current University records of historical value.

What am I supposed to send you?

Records that:

      Generate/originate from your office/department.

      Are paper – for now – we will accept electronic records soon.

      Are inactive – you no longer need them in-house for reference.

      Have historical value.

What does "historical value" mean?

Reviewing our Collection Policy under the Policy & Guidelines tab will be a big help!  The Policy tells you what kinds of files/documents the Archives will accept, as well as those we will not.

Remember: when in doubt, please send it to the Archives!  

How do I get started?

Begin with the Records Survey found under the Forms tab.   Filling this out will help you:

         Identify records that you generate.

         Determine how long you keep them and which ones you physically dispose of.

         Identify files with sensitive language, confidential information, or that should have restricted access.

         Identify “vital” records.

         Identify records that are inactive, that you no longer need in-house for reference.


Once the Records Survey is completed, please send it to us.

How do I send you records?

Before you send us anything, please find under the Forms tab the:

Transfer Agreement

      This is a document which you need sign only once.   Pease fill it out, sign it, and send it to us to keep on file.

Mailing Label

      Please print this off, fill it out, and attach to envelopes or boxes each time you send records to the Archives.

      For ease of transfer, feel free to put your items in Campus Mail.

University Archives Associate

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Katherine Lincoln
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