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University Records Management - University Archives and Special Collections,Cowles Library: Our Mission

Resources and important information regarding non-current University records of historical value.

University Records Mission Statement

The mission of the University Records unit, under the administration of the University Archives, is to manage all college, department, or office non-current records of the University by providing support through establishing a program that complies with the creation, access, retrieval, storage, security and disposal of information in an effective manner.

 The University Records unit accomplishes this mission by:

Centralizing the storage of all University non-current records

Ensuring that non-current University records are stored in accordance with Best Practices and guidelines

Disposing of non-current records in accordance with guidelines established by Drake University

Establishing an effective filing system and retention schedule that ensures non-current records are transferred, stored, and retrieved in an effective and efficient manner

Providing for the safety of stored records, in any media


University Archives Associate

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Katherine Lincoln
Drake University Archives and Special Collections, Cowles Library