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Copyright: What is the CopyFIGHT?

Basic and intermediate information about copyright in the United States

Custom CopyFIGHT Web Search

A customized search engine for finding more about the CopyFIGHT. It searches pre-selected, reliable web sites along with the classic texts on copyfighting:

Free Culture

CopyFIGHT Defined

What is Copyfight? From a writer on the Copyfight weblog, "the copyfight is the battle to keep intellectual property tethered to its purpose, understanding that when IP rights are pushed too far, they can end up doing exactly the opposite of what they're intended to do." This and many other good explanations of "Copyfight" can be found at "What Does Copyfight Mean?" What copyfight is not: It is not a movement to end all copyright, neither is it anarchistic, nor is it a much older movement known as "CopyLeft". Where can I learn more? Copyfighter's Resource Center

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