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Specific Video Game Resources

DIGRA:  Digital Game Research Association‚Äč

  • Multidisciplinary ournal dedicated to research on and practice in all aspects of games

eludamos:  Journal for Computer Game Cultures

  • Theoretically and/or empirically deals with digital games in their manifold appearances and their sociocultural-historical context.

GAME:  The Italian Journal of Game Studies

  • Comparative, critical and theoretical analysis of videogames

Games & Culture

  • Innovative theoretical and empirical research about games and culture

Game Studies

  • Primary focus is aesthetic, cultrual and communicative aspects of computer games

Journal of Games Criticism

  • Feed-forward approach to video game criticism with a focus on the social understanding of video games and video games criticism


  • Mixed-method approach to the study of digital games

Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies

  • Addresses the ongoing theoretical and methodological development of gamestudies, providing students, scholars, and game designers with a definitive look at contemporary video game studies.